England: 0
Wales: 0

    Harry Geagen (12), Connor Radcliffe (22,47), Chester Butler (25), Gregory Howland (59), Darrion Ball (71)
    Joseph Symons (7), Curtis Davies (73), Gethyn Lloyd (74)

    Joe Prior 4
    Ben Jones 1

Match report


This was always going to be a tough encounter with Wales having been the victors in this fixture for the last four season. England, under new coaches Peter Williams and Alan Coleman had just a few weeks to put together an English Lions team capable of winning this game.

The opening encounters were fierce with some big hits landing from both sides but on 7 minutes it seemed the short preparation time from England would be there down fall with a well worked try from the Welsh winger, Joseph Symons.

England then began to up their game and 5 minutes later the very strong Harry Geagan (Liverpool Lions) took three men over to score far out on the right. It took a further 10 minutes with a well worked play the impressive skipper Connor Radcliffe (Wigan St Jude’s) ran a perfect line to score, Joe Prior (Wigan St Patricks) adding the extra’s. England began to dominate and another well worked play down the left saw Chester Butler (Siddal) barge his way over, Priors conversion from out wide again adding the extras. This brought half time with the score England 16 Wales 4.

The second half started the same as the first with heavy shots taking place from both sides but it was England who was to strike first. Again Radcliffe, being a work horse in the middle, went on a blockbusting run and scored just to the right off the posts, extras again by Prior.

Wales then seemed to step-up a gear and for the next 10 minutes were camped on the English line but super defence saw them give poor ball and young half back Gregory Howland (Wath Brow Hornets) intercepted and out ran the cover defence from 90 yards to score under the sticks, again extras added by Prior.

From here out England were in control and made a number of changes and on the 31st Minutes saw Darrion Ball (Wigan St Jude’s) score out on the corner flag on the left. For the last 10 minutes Wales came back at the English with vigour and scored two try’s in two minutes from Cutis Davies and Gareth Lloyd with a conversion added from Ben Jones this brought the final score to 32-14 to the English Lions.

Darrion Ball, Kieron Jones, Luke Davidson, Chester Butler, Harry Gregan, Deon Cross, Joe Prior, Daniel Fryer, Sam Hollingsworth, Jed Carter, Ben Toofill, George Lanlor, Connor Ratcliffe. Subs: Dylan James, Adam Wilkes, Jordan Siddons, Gregory Howland

Ben Jones, Joseph Symons, Marcus Webb, Paul Edwards, Gethyn Lloyd, Morgan Knowles, Curtis Davies, Rhys Davies, Zak Williams, Rhys Brownsell, Morgan Jefferies,m Daniel Maiden, Connor Davies. Subs: Jordan Thomas, Joe Festa, Harry Boots, Alex King