Italy: 6
Tatarstan: 12

    Luca Dalan, Luca Barbato tries
    Not recorded

    Simone Franchini, Tiziano Franchini
    Not recorded

Match report

The Italian Rugby League national side made a long waited appearance for the first time in Italy since they hosted the Australians in 1960.

A project that has been active for more than a decade finally came to fruition in late July when Italy, Scotland and Tatarstan did battle for the Triangolare internazionale Di Rugby League A XIII- Padova Cup.

The opening match was staged at the Plebiscito Stadium on July 17 when Tatarstan represented by the Kazan club, defeated Italy 16-12 before a crowd of 500.

Tatarstan capitalised on their very inexperienced opposition by establishing a 12-0 lead in the early stages but the Italians hit back with a try before half-time to second-rower luca Dalan.

After Tatarstan wrapped the match up with a crucial try, the Italians fought on bravely and scored a consolation try through Luca Barbato.

Calandra, Sarghini, Kola, Bado, Pantano, Franchini S., D'Arrò, Damiano, Marcuglia, Salvestra, Dalan, Giacometti, Franchini T., Meggetto, Giacomini, De Angelis, Barbato, Furlan., Pezzano e Benigni.

Kalashkin, Romanov, Artashin, Kukarin, Shamsutdinov, Mitrofanov, Achmetshin, Yamanaev, Sakalov, Garifullin, Zainutdinov, Uysupov, Valiullin, Tumasyan, Safiullin, Galdulazianov, Gayfutfinov, Shakiro,  Petrushinin.