18 Jul 2020

In response to the International Rugby League press release regarding the conclusion of the review of Lebanese Rugby League Federation following questions raised about its recent elections and financial arrangements, the LRLF has made the following statement:

"LRLF would like to thank the IRL for their effort and support although this matter could have been concluded earlier. As stated by IRL, all accusations, which were initiated by few individuals, of irregularities have been dismissed. LRLF would like to reiterate that the elections were held under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and stresses that clubs must exercise their democratic right to participate in elections. Secondly, all LRLF accounts have been audited by RSM Australia and Sakr Sakr in Lebanon, are sent to the ministry and published on the LRLF website.

“LRLF would like to thank all its stakeholders, the players, staff, supporters, parents and last but not least our sponsors and partners who disregarded all the negativity by showing their love and support for the game of Rugby League and Lebanon.

"LRLF is looking for a brighter future to continue building the game locally and internationally and wishing more solidarity among our stakeholders. LRLF as always is open for positive change and constructive criticism to empower the game and keep our beloved country recognized as an important Rugby League leader."