Rugby League is the ultimate team sport

It's fast, exciting and spectacular and is played by skilful and powerful athletes. The sport demands that players show determination, sporting ingenuity and courage. The action on the field happens at high speed, so here's advice on some of the things to look out for when you're watching

The Aim of the Game...

The aim of the game is to win by scoring more points than your opponents during the 80 minutes of play (which is split into two 40 minute halves).

A team accumulates points by scoring TRIES, GOALS and FIELD GOALS.

The greatest return comes from a TRY (worth four points). These are scored by grounding the ball over your opponents' try-line.

A team scoring a try also gets the chance to add another TWO POINTS to their tally by taking a place kick (a kick with the ball placed on the ground). To score these 'extra' two points, the kicker must get the ball through the uprights of the posts and above the crossbar.

A FIELD GOAL is worth one point and must also pass through the posts in this way but is kicked instaneously after being dropped to the ground by the player in possession.

Also Penalty GOALS are worth two points and must be scored by a place kick. A team will be offered an attempt at a Penalty GOAL if their opponents have broken some aspect of the rules.



Rugby League