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venue: Waitakere Trust Stadium, Henderson

15th October 2010

New Zealand
New Zealand

Maryann Collins 2, Laura Mariu 2, Bridget Smith, Rona Peters, Lorina Papalii, Alisha Moses


Trish Hina 3/8

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The Kiwi Ferns ended their successful Test Series against England on another high note with an overwhelming win of 38 – 6 on Friday night at Waitakere Trust Stadium in Henderson. The English came out firing determined to put their first loss on the back burner and with fullback Lindsay Anfield scoring within the first 10 minutes of the game. The Ferns had no excuses for their lack of communication and a very well deserved try by England putting the Ferns on the back foot.

It took a good 15 – 20 minutes before the Ferns could even get out of their half but once they did Bridget Smith (newcap) put them on the board but an unsuccessful conversion saw them trail 6 – 4. The English girls never once looked to drop their standard and kept the Ferns on the defensive. At half time the Kiwi Ferns only led by a mere 16 – 6 with a very determined English squad not wishing to concede any more points.

Return after the break saw more determination from the English but an even more determined Kiwi Ferns start to dominate the game in not only defense but attacking style just kept the points coming. Unfortunately the kicker was a bit off luckily for England as that was a further 10 points not added to the total as per the first test in Whangarei.

Sarina Fiso, Sharlene Atai, Maryann Collins, Trish Hina, Bridget Smith, Laura Mariu, Rona Peters, Josephine Leef, Sharnita Woodman, Ana Pereira, Cynthia Ta’ala, Lorina Papalii, Ebony Low. Subs: Akenese Pereira, Maryanne Hemara, Charmaine McMenamin, Alisha Moses

Lindsay Anfield, Charlene Henegen, Claire Robinson, Natalie Gilmour, Rachel Twibill, Gemma Walsh, Kirsty Moroney, Emma Slone, Lois Forsell, Amanda Donaldson, Paula McCowitt, Beth Sutcliffe, Joanne Watmore. Subs: Jody Cunningham, Holly Freestone, Kimberley Field, Danielle Titterington


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