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venue: Beverley, Hull

24th August 2011


Bradley Lawrence, Gabriel Gatu, Kane Ditchfield


Joe Keys 1/1, Elliot Minchella 1/1, Shorrocks 1/1

Full Match Report

Following a narrow defeat to England earlier this year in Caerphilly, Wales were unable to turn the tables in their first ever away game against the old enemy but they did give their hosts a good contest on Humberside. Wales started in the ascendance and should have opened the scoring, but handling errors cost them the lead.

England were pleased to be left off the hook and went in for two quick tries. Bradley Lawrence and Gabriel Gatu each going over with Joe Keys converting both to give the, a 12-0 lead half-time. They soon extended their advantage over the break through a good Kane Ditchfield try that was goaled by Elliot Minchella.

Wales didn’t give up and refused to let England go over for a barrage of tries. They fought back and were eventually went over with a try from Rhys Anderson which Lewis Barnett converted.

Wales coach Aled James (pictured) said: “We started off with some good opportunities but didn’t take them and in the end we were chasing the game. We got more confident as time went on and in the end we deserved our try but we were disappointed in the way we played in the first half. Debutant Martyn Davies was a stand out for us, Rhys Pugsley was really strong while Garyn Smith also did well, he made a big difference to us in the second half.”

Lewis Barnett, Martyn Davies,  Chris Leyshon, Jordan Howells, Rhys Bow, Levi Quirke-Knowles, Kasey Hurley, Elliot Sebestyen-Regan, Connor Farrer, Rhys Anderson, Rhys Pugsley, Garyn Smyth , Lloyd Paget. Subs: Theo Pascoe, Chris Bowler, Josh Brown, Adam Hill, Jack McKenzie

Jarrad Simpson, Jack Logan, Harry Lightfoot-Brown, Oliver Gildart, Gabriel Gatu, Jake Shorrocks, Joe Keys, Bradley Lawrence, Kruise Leeming, Alex Abbott-Tavener, Oliver Davies, Kane Ditchfield, Elliott Minchella. Subs: Josh Greenwood-McDonald, Jordan Burns, Liam Parfitt, George Croisdale, Ryan Langton



England v Wales:

Under 16 friendly international match at Beverley, Hull - 24 August 2011


Rugby League