Rugby League Deutschland was re-constituted in Heidelberg in 2007, evolving from the unofficial RLD organisation which was created in 2005. RLD is an Observer of the RLEF.

The chairman is supported by a Board of seven directors, whose mandate lasts for two years. The governing body will reach official status in 2011, as an Eingetragener Verein or “registered association”, following procedure through the German courts. This e.V. status will give rugby league full recognition as an independent discipline under German law. The objective of RLD is to become the DRLV or Deutsche Rugby League Verband, a full federation under German law.

Rugby League Deutschland has fielded sides in international competition at senior level since 2006, but the Board’s adoption of a comprehensive eight-year Development Strategy in 2010 re-focused energy on the development of the grass roots and domestic game. An increase in participation numbers through the Bundesliga and systematic youth development is now at the forefront of RLD’s efforts.

Geographically, the sport is focused on the contiguous tri-states of Baden-Wurttemberg, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz, with further activity in Bavaria and Nord Rhein-Westphalen.


Date Founded: 6th July 2007
Membership: Observer
Head Coach: Dan Stocks
Board Members:

Benedikt Rehm (President)

Uwe Jansen (Vice President)

Uli Scholz (Treasurer)

Georg Frey (Public Relations)

Daniel Isen (Secretary)

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  • European Championship B
    • Winners: 2011
    • Runner up: 2010, 2008, 2007
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